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Z File
The page is a description about Z file extension (Unix Compressed File).
Converting Z Files

Youconvertit can convert Z files to the following formats:

z to 7z (7-Zip Archive)
z to bz2 (BZip2 Compressed Archive
z to bzip2 (Bzip2 Compressed Archive)
z to gz (GZIP compressed archive filee)
z to gzip (GZIP compressed archive file)
z to tar (Tape Archive)
z to tbz (Bzip Compressed Tape Archive)
z to tbz2 (Bzip2 Compressed Tape Archive)
z to tgz (UNIX Tar File Gzipped)
z to zip (Zip Archive)

File extension: .z
Category: Archive Formats
The Z file type is primarily associated with 'UNIX'.Unix compressed file. Often found in combination with tar=taz (modified Lempel-Ziv compression) (Unix SysV pack)Typically lower case on *nix systems.
Start convert: Convert Z file
Technical Details:
Compressed file used to store, or "pack," files on Unix-based machines; incorporates a simple compression algorithm that is used to archive files and save disk space; can be decompressed on a Unix system by typing uncompress filename .z, where "filename .z" is the name of the file to decompress.Z files have mostly been replaced by GNUzip compression, which creates .GZ files. Unix users can use the znew utility to recompress Z files to GZ files.
Supported applications:
Smith Micro StuffIt Deluxe 2010 , Corel WinZip 16 Pro , WinRAR , 7-Zip, uncompress , gzip , zcat , znew
Developed by: IBM Rational Developer
MIME type : application/x-compress, application/x-compressed, application/gzip, application/x-gzip, application/z, application/x-z

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