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The page is a description about XLSB file extension (Excel Binary Spreadsheet).
Converting XLSB Files

Youconvertit can convert XLSB files to the following formats:

xlsb to csv (Comma Separated Values)
xlsb to html (HyperText Markup Language)
xlsb to ods (OOpenDocument Spreadsheet)
xlsb to ots (OpenDocument Spreadsheet Template)
xlsb to pdf (PDF-Portable Document Format)
xlsb to sdc (StarCalc 5.0)
xlsb to stc (OpenOffice.og 1.0 Spreadsheet Template)
xlsb to sxc ( 1.0 Spreadsheet)
xlsb to txt (Text Document)
xlsb to vor (StarWriter 5.0 Template)
xlsb to xhtml
xlsb to xlt (Microsoft Excel 97/2000/XP Template)

File extension: .xlsb
Spreadsheet file created by Microsoft Excel, a program used to create and edit spreadsheets; contains a spreadsheet of cells arranged by a grid of rows and columns, as well as charts, macros, and formatting; saved in a binary format.XLSB files differ from standard Open XML format (.XLSX) spreadsheets since they store the spreadsheet using a binary format (BIFF12). While they are typically larger in size than the compressed XLSX files, they may perform more efficiently within Excel.NOTE: XLSB files may be opened by Excel 2007 or later, or by earlier versions of Excel with Open XML support.
Start convert: Convert XLSB file
Technical Details:
The XLSB file type is primarily associated with 'Excel' by Microsoft Corporation.This is the new format for Microsoft Office documents.It is a combination of XML architecture and ZIP compression for size reduction.Microsoft promises the format will be open (published for anyone to use) and prior versions of Office, using components provided by Microsoft for Office 2000, XP, and 2003 will be available to perform document conversion. Remember that these are promises by Microsoft. We have yet to see the actuals. This format is not the same as the OpenDocument standard, also an XML-based standard being developed as a true open standard (see the OpenDocument Fellowship for more information).
Supported applications:
Microsoft Excel 2010, Microsoft Works,, Apache Open Office
Developed by:Microsoft Corporation.
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