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TBZ File
The page is a description about TBZ file extension (BZIP2 Compressed TAR).
Converting TBZ Files

Youconvertit can convert TBZ files to the following formats:

tbz to 7z (7-Zip Archive)
tbz to bz2 (BZip2 Compressed Archive)
tbz to bzip2 (Bzip2 Compressed Archive)
tbz to gz (GZIP compressed archive file )
tbz to gzip (GZIP compressed archive file )
tbz to tar (Tape Archive)
tbz to tbz2 (Bzip2 Compressed Tape Archive )
tbz to tgz (UNIX Tar File Gzipped )
tbz to zip (Zip Archive)

File extension: .tbz
Category: Archive Formats
The TBZ file type is primarily associated with 'BZIP2 Compressed TAR'. This is an archive made by first using TAR and then compressing the result using BZIP2.
Start convert: Convert TBZ file
Technical Details:
Unix .TAR archive compressed with .BZIP compression; contains a group of files that are first archived with the Unix Tar program, then compressed with Bzip.NOTE: Bzip has been replaced by its successor, Bzip2, which can be used to create .BZ2 and .TBZ2 files. Some TBZ2 files also use the standard ".tbz" extension.
Supported applications:
Smith Micro StuffIt Deluxe 2010 , Corel WinZip 16 Pro
Developed by: Julian Seward
MIME type : application/x-bzip

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