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POT File
The page is a description about POT file extension (Portable Object Template ).
Converting POT Files

Youconvertit can convert POT files to the following formats:

pot to html (HyperText Markup Language)
pot to odg (OpenDocument Drawing)
pot to odp (OpenDocument Presentation)
pot to otp (OpenDocument Presentation Template)
pot to pdf (PDF-Portable Document Format)
pot to ppt (Microsoft PowerPoint 97/2000/XP)
pot to sda (StarDraw 5.0)
pot to sti ( 1.0 Presentation Template)
pot to sxi (OpenOffice 1.0 Presentation)
pot to vor (StarWriter 5.0 Template)
pot to xhtml

File extension: .pot
A POT file extension is a slideshow template file used with the Microsoft PowerPoint software application. POT files are templates, and therefore contain all of the formatting necessary for a user to create a presentation by inserting the particular text, graphics, and images associated with a particular presentation. The background, formatting, layout, and style are all prepared and stored in a template file. POT files are associated with Microsoft Office 97 to 2003. Files of this type usually contain multiple slides, and the same template can be used to generate a multitude of PPT files (the file extension used for a single PowerPoint file) with the same format. In the 2007 version of Microsoft Office, Powerpoint templates were stored in the OpenXML format, and saved with the file extension POTX.
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Technical Details:
The POT file type is primarily associated with 'OpenOffice/StarOffice' by Sun Microsystems, Inc.. This file format is part of the Open Document Format for Office Applications (OpenDocument) 1.0 specification. This OASIS format is expected to become an industry standard for sharing documents. It is being adopted by the OpenOffice/StarOffice version 2 software suite but may appear in other products as well.
Supported applications:
Powerpoint.Template , PowerPoint.Template.7 , PowerPoint.Template.8 , PowerPointViewer.Template.11
Developed by: Microsoft Corporation
MIME type : application/ [official]application/mspowerpoint, application/x-mspowerpoint, application/powerpoint, application/x-powerpoint, application/x-dos_ms_powerpnt, application/pot, application/x-soffic

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