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LZH File
The page is a description about LZH file extension (LZH Compressed File).
Converting LZH Files

Youconvertit can convert LZH files to the following formats:

lzh to 7z (7-Zip Archive)
lzh to bz2 (BZip2 Compressed Archive)
lzh to bzip2 (Bzip2 Compressed Archive)
lzh to gz (GZIP compressed archive filee)
lzh to gzip (GZIP compressed archive file)
lzh to tar (Tape Archive)
lzh to tbz (Bzip Compressed Tape Archive)
lzh to tbz2 (Bzip2 Compressed Tape Archive)
lzh to tgz (UNIX Tar File Gzipped)
lzh to zip (Zip Archive)

File extension: .lzh
Category: Archive Formats
File archive compressed using Lempel-Ziv and Haruyasu compression algorithm; named after the inventors Lempel-Ziv and Haruyasu; derived from the LZSS compression scheme and performs additional compression using dynamic Huffman coding; most commonly used in Japan.
Start convert: Convert LZH file
Technical Details:
A LZH is a file format that saves the result of a file or several files being compressed using the Lempel-Ziv and Haruyasu compression algorithm. This type of file has largely replaced its predecessor, the LHA file. LHA is still popular in Japan as a means of saving compressed archive files, specifically on Amiga computers. In its earlier years, LHA was supported by computer programs and operating systems in western culture, however most computers have switched to LZH because it performs additional compression using dynamic Huffman coding. LZH is still more popular in Japan than in Europe or the U.S. but users of these files will have no problem opening a LZH file as there are programs that open these files on all the popular western operating systems.
Supported applications:
Smith Micro StuffIt Deluxe 2010 , Corel WinZip 16 Pro , WinRAR , ConeXware PowerArchiver, Whirling Dervishes Alpha ZIP , PeaZip , 7-Zip
Developed by: Haruyasu Yoshizaki (Yoshi)
MIME type : application/lzh, application/x-lzh, application/x-lha, application/x-compress, application/x-compressed, application/x-lzh-archive, zz-application/zz-winassoc-lzh, application/maclha, application/octet-strea

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