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The page is a description about HTML file extension (Hypertext Markup Language File).
Converting HTML Files

Youconvertit can convert HTML files to the following formats:

html to csv (Comma Separated Values)
html to doc (Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP)
html to eps (Encapsulated PostScript)
html to odg (OpenDocument Drawing)
html to odp (OpenDocument Presentation)
html to ods (OpenDocument Presentation)
html to odt (OpenDocument Text)
html to otg (OpenDocument Drawing Template)
html to otp (OpenDocument Presentation Templa)
html to ots (OpenDocument Spreadsheet Templa)
html to ott (OpenDocument Text Template)
html to pdf (PDF-Portable Document Format)
html to pot (Microsoft PowerPoint 97/2000/XP Template)
html to ppt ( Microsoft PowerPoint 97/2000/XP)
html to rtf (Rich Text Format)
html to sda (StarDraw 5.0)
html to sdc (StarCalc 5.0)
html to sdw (StarWriter)
html to stc (OpenOffice.og 1.0 Spreadsheet Template)
html to sti ( 1.0 Presentation Template)
html to stw (OpenOffice.og 1.0 Text Document Template
html to sxc ( 1.0 Spreadsheet)
html to sxd ( 1.0 Drawing)
html to sxi (OpenOffice 1.0 Presentation)
html to sxw (OpenOffice.og 1.0 Text Document)
html to txt (Text Document)
html to vor (StarWriter 5.0 Template)
html to xhtml
html to xls (Microsoft Excel 97/2000/XP)
html to xlt (Microsoft Excel 97/2000/XP Template)

File extension: .aspxl
HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is the main markup language for displaying web pages and other information that can be displayed in a web browser.
HTML is written in the form of HTML elements consisting of tags enclosed in angle brackets , within the web page content. HTML tags most commonly come in pairs like, although some tags, known as empty elements, are unpaired . The first tag in a pair is the start tag, the second tag is the end tag (they are also called opening tags and closing tags). In between these tags web designers can add text, tags, comments and other types of text-based content.
The purpose of a web browser is to read HTML documents and compose them into visible or audible web pages. The browser does not display the HTML tags, but uses the tags to interpret the content of the page.Wikipedia
Start convert: Convert HTML file
Supported applications:
Any Web Browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome)
Developed by: World Wide Web Consortium & WHATWG
MIME type : text/html

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