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DMG File
The page is a description about DMG file extension (Mac OS X Disk Image).
Converting DMG Files

Youconvertit can convert DMG files to the following formats:

dmg to 7z (7-Zip Archive)
dmg to bz2 (BZip2 Compressed Archive)
dmg to bzip2 (Bzip2 Compressed Archive)
dmg to gz (GZIP compressed archive filee)
dmg to gzip (GZIP compressed archive file)
dmg to tar (Tape Archive)
dmg to tbz (Bzip Compressed Tape Archive)
dmg to tbz2 (Bzip2 Compressed Tape Archive)
dmg to tgz (UNIX Tar File Gzipped)
dmg to zip (Zip Archive)

File extension: .dmg
Category: Archive Formats
Mountable disk image created in Mac OS X; contains raw block data typically compressed and sometimes encrypted; commonly used for Mac OS software installers that are downloaded from the Internet; mounts a virtual disk on the desktop when opened.The DMG format replaces the older .IMG file format, which is used in Mac OS Classic and is not compatible with Mac OS 9 and earlier. DMG disk images can be opened using the Apple Disk Utility that is bundled with Mac OS X on Apple computers.
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Technical Details:
The DMG file type is primarily associated with 'Macintosh OS X' by Apple Inc.. On the Macintosh, these files are treated like a real disk. They can be created with Disk Copy, burnt to CD or mounted as a normal volume. If you have a .DMG file on a Windows PC it's likely you have a Macintosh file and you won't be able to use what is in it. Some sites distribute for the PC in an .EXE file and for the Mac in a .DMG file; make certain you have the version designed for your system. On a Windows PC the dmg2img program will convert a .DMG file to a standard (hfsplus) image disk file. On Windows, a fairly complete filesystem driver for HFS+ exists as a commercial software package called MacDrive. Note: You have to run the dmg2img program at a command prompt. DMGs can be password-protected and, if so, may not be mountable by some software. The DMG file also comes in different formats: HFS, HFS+, UFS, ProDOS, Linux, and Fat32 and so may also require special mounting software to account for the format. IsoBuster can interpret these files directly as can other programs such as UltraISO. The program TransMac, by Acute Systems, can both open and create DMG files on a PC.
Supported applications:
PeaZip , Acute Systems TransMac , Catacombae HFSExplorer , Reincubate DMG Extractor , DMG2IMG , DMG2ISO
Developed by: Apple
MIME type : application/x-apple-diskimage

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